Building Inspection Department

This Office is Certified by the International Code Council

The Building Inspection Department is a key part of the development process within the City of Arvin.  Designed to ensure that residents are safe and sound in the structures of the City, Building Inspections make sure that construction meets safety standards on a Local, State, and Federal level.  They also make sure that that legal inspections and permits are in place so that insurance companies’ legal requirements are met should any insurance claims be filed down the road that relate to the building.

Whether you’re converting a garage or building an add-on, the City of Arvin Building Inspection Department is focused on working with you to make sure your project is up to code.  Their personalized approach to every client allows them to make sure that the permitting process is fair, timely, and results in a safe, legal structure.

Did You Know?

Building Inspection Fees include a range of different costs from different municipal departments, as mandated by law.

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