Planning Department

Did You Know?

The Planning Department works closely with the Engineering and Building Departments, making sure that your project plans are to code and determining how they can best be supported by the City’s infrastructure and various departments.  The Planning Department is happy to answer any questions you may have about your project within the City of Arvin as well as joint projects with neighboring cities and towns.

The City of Arvin Planning Department is the first step for most projects being considered for the City of Arvin and they handle both day to day projects and long range planning.  Their top notch team will handle everything from interacting with the City Engineering Department to going over building plans and discussing code requirements and build out options.

With 30% of the City of Arvin open for development, the Planning Department is prepared to cover a great deal of ground when new projects are brought to the table.  Their close working relationship with the key decision makers in the City as well as the day to day contact they have with Engineering, Building, and most other City Departments allows them to move projects forward efficiently.  In addition, the Planning Department consistently goes the extra mile to make sure that every project receives focused attention and consistent diligence, making your project go as smoothly as possible.

Contact Info:

City of Arvin Planning Department
141 Plumtree Drive, Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661-854-6183

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