Economic Development

Arvin is home to an established agricultural economic sector that provides revenue and exposure to this Garden on Sunday. The City of Arvin is working towards expanding economic sectors by ensuring our economic environment remains productive for continued growth, expansion, and new business opportunities. Although a functioning Garden in the Sunday due to agricultural significance in the San Juaquin Valley, Arvin was also home to the North American Rockwell B-1 Testing Facility. Additionally, because of the City of Arvin's strategic geographic location, logistics hubs have proven to be successful throughout the area.

Opportunity Areas

The City/ Successor Agency owns a significant amount of land suited for master-planned development opportunities. In many of these project areas, the City is investing in street and infrastructure improvements to help kick start development. Potential land uses include:

  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family
  • Public Open Space
  • Retail
  • Single-Family Residential

Opportunity Areas & Site Review

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