Passenger Guidelines

Passenger boarding an Arvin Transit vehicleThe following is a list of passenger guidelines for riding Arvin Transit. You can also find additional information by viewing the Passenger Guidelines (PDF).

Riding Dos

  • Pay your fare (exact change only).
  • Be respectful of your driver and fellow passengers.
  • Reserve front seats for elderly and/or disabled passengers.
  • Keep hands and objects inside vehicle.
  • Remain seated until vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  • Report any vandalism to driver.

Riding Don'ts

  • No smoking.
  • No offensive language or threatening behavior.
  • No music or excessive noise.
  • No food or drinks onboard.
  • No marking/defacing the vehicle.
  • No pets/animals except assistance animals with an official tag.


Drivers may refuse service to persons acting inappropriately or causing harm to other customers or driver. Passengers unwilling to abide by these guidelines may be barred from using the City's transportation services.