City of Arvin Community Donations

Application Deadline is 5pm on October 12, 2020.

To Apply for Community Donation, please fill out the form located here.

The City of Arvin recognizes the many benefits that various groups, organizations, volunteers and events within the Municipality provide by promoting and improving upon the cultural, social and economic well-being of the community. It is for this reason that the Municipality is committed to treating all requests for contributions in a consistent, fair and equitable manner subject to local needs, priorities and Council’s approved budget. Council also recognizes that citizens have the right to expect that tax dollars will be expended in a manner that is justifiable, fair and holds groups accessing public funds accountable for their spending. Municipal grant funding demonstrates Council’s commitment to working with groups which provide these beneficial programs, services or projects to the community while at the same time recognizing the financial constraints impacting the City’s ability to provide funding to these groups.

To that end, Council may include a budget figure they deem appropriate at the first budget meeting each fiscal year. Once the budget is approved, the Council will determine how they will apportion this figure.


The purpose for this policy is to benefit the community of Arvin by providing services to benefit the public health, safety as welfare by:

  • Establishing funding criteria and application procedures for requests for financial assistance from groups and organizations in the City of Arvin
  • Providing Council and Staff with clear direction in considering and responding to requests for assistance;
  • Securing an open and transparent decision-making process for requests for donations from Council;
  • Providing an accessible and equitable process for groups and organizations seeking donations from Council.
  • Establishing an annual calendar for the processing of all donation requests.
  • Providing a process which allows Council to conduct a meaningful comparison of requests for donations.
  • Providing a process which allows the Council to maintain a more equitable distribution of Council donations.
  • Enhancing the appreciation and understanding of community groups operating in the City of Arvin.
  • Providing for limited one-time financial assistance, and not to have organizations be dependent on this source of funds.
  • Authorizing the City Manager to make in-kind (non-monetary) donations of building within the guidelines as indicated within this document.

Council recognizes that many groups and organizations conduct events and provide programs that benefit the community. The Council will consider requests for event and programs that:

  • Provide a public service, or otherwise promote the health, safety or welfare of the community; and benefit the community.

Within those overarching requirements, the Council will also take into consideration the following:

Community Donations Policy:

  • Promote the education and training for people within the community;
  • Promote the economic advancement of the community; or
  • Promote the cultural, heritage, social, or environmental wellbeing of the community.

Contributions will not be made for the following purposes:

  • Discriminatory activities or events or those that would incite hatred towards any group;
  • Activities that are contrary to the policies of the Municipality; or
  • Activities which are deemed to be unlawful.

While Council will consider requests for a contribution at its sole discretion and based on availability of resources, there is no guarantee that a request will be approved.


The different types of grants awarded under the Municipal Grants Program are as identified.

“Community Project” grants is defined as one-time assistance either as seed funding for the start-up of an organization/project, or funds for a short-term undertaking with a startup and completion date or loan guarantees to assist an organization in acquiring the financial assistance, from financial institutions, needed to support the construction of the project or support for a specific project.

“In-Kind Contributions” (non-monetary) grants are based on the provision of municipal property/facilities, materials or resources to an applicant, and do not include the provision of cash funds to, or on behalf of, the applicant. While cash funds are not provided in relation to In-Kind grants, it is recognized that such grants will involve either an expense or foregone revenue for the municipality. Each application for In-Kind grants will include the estimated value of the application under consideration.

Includes requests for monetary contribution as well as municipally owned resources outlined as follows:


    • Use of a municipally owned facility (rental fee waived/reduced)
    • Municipal staff support (expertise) for an event (wages waived/reduced)
    • Use of municipally owned equipment (rental fee waived/reduced)
    • Use of municipally owned materials (rental fee waived/reduced)

“Special Events” are defined as any one-time or first-time event that is of cultural, social or recreational significance to the community and which may have the participation of more than one organization.

“Community Event” is defined as a recurring event that Council has determined provides some significant benefit to the broad community, and is open to all members of the public.


  1. The City will invite applications for financial assistance by advertising on the Municipal Website during the month of February or March each year.
  2. All requests for donations/grants should be directed in writing to the Finance Director, or designee, through the completion of the Community Program Donation Application, attached as Exhibit “A,” as may be updated by the Finance Director from time to time to meet the purposes of this Policy, so that the request can be considered during budget deliberations.
  3. All requests will be assessed based on availability of the requested resource, potential financial impact to the municipality, contribution to the well-being of members of the community, recognition of a worthwhile program/cause, and overall community impact.
  4. Organizations and/or charities whose primary focus is not within the City of Arvin shall not be considered for a municipal donation or in-kind grant.
  5. The Community Program Donation is not intended to be the sole source of funding; the applicant must demonstrate a reasonable effort to raise funds from sources other than the City of Arvin.
  6. Donations/grants made by the City are not to a commitment by the City to continue such donations/grants in the future.
  7. No donation or grant will be considered unless specifically authorized by the City Council in the form of a resolution of support.
  8. In making donations/grants, the municipality may impose such conditions and/or restrictions as it deems fit to ensure the purpose of providing a public benefit and promoting public health, safety and welfare have been met . The City’s decisions regarding donations/grants are final.
  9. To be considered for the Community Program Donation all applications must be completed and submitted by 5:00 PM on October 12.
  10. Application forms are available on the website at or by calling the City Clerk at 661-854-3134.
  11. Council may consider applications outside the annual application process, if they are able to demonstrate that the purpose for which they are seeking the donation was not foreseen at the time of the annual process.
  12. The City Manager is authorized to make in-kind donations of facilities or waive fees, when the use of this type of donation is for the benefit of the City or the citizens of the City.


  1. Applicants must demonstrate the need for the specific request. Each request must identify a specifically defined benefit for the community, as well as how the proposal will serve to promote public health, safety or welfare within the City of Arvin. Each request must contain the date, hours, and requested municipal resource.
  2. Applicants, with the exception of local elementary and secondary schools, must be non-profit community groups and organizations – individuals are not eligible. Applications from school teams/clubs are eligible if a teacher, leader or coach sponsors the application.
  3. Applicants must be located in the City of Arvin.
  4. The City Council’s decisions regarding eligibility are final, as is the City Manager’s decision regarding in-kind donations of facilities or waiver of fees.


Late or incomplete applications for any grants, including donations or other benefits, will not be forwarded for consideration.

Completed applications must be either emailed to or brought into the City Clerk’s office located at 200 Campus Drive, Arvin by 5:00 PM on October 12, 2020 in order to be forwarded to the City Council for review and consideration.

In considering grant applications, the City Council will evaluate applications and allow qualified applicants to make a presentation before the City Council.

The final recommendations will be based on the total grant allocation and approval of individual grants.

Granting of assistance in any one year or over several years is not a commitment to future year’s funding.

Grant applications determined to be ineligible for funding shall be notified of Council’s decision.

Grant awards are limited to no more than $2,000 per organization, and shall be issued in full upon notification of being awarded financial assistance.

Grants may be awarded at the sole and exclusive discretion of the City, and may include certain terms and conditions. The letter of award will state, if any, particular restrictions apply to the grant. Acceptance of any grant, donation, contribution (in-kind or otherwise), or any other benefit by the applicant serves both as an acknowledgement of, and obligation to comply with, any such terms and conditions. Failure to comply with those terms and conditions, and with this policy, can require the applicant to refund 100% of the grant, donation, or contribution at the discretion of the City.


Any applicant who receives a grant, donation or other benefit is required to submit a postproject report within two months after the completion of the project which clearly articulates the success of the project and how the funds were spent. If the report is not submitted, further requests for financial support will not be considered.


Nothing in this policy prohibits Council from considering financial assistance or in kind support outside the scope of this policy. Council will consider each case on its merits and any assistance provided will be without precedent.