History of Arvin

The City of Arvin has been in existence since about 1908 when the Staples Store was opened on the east end of Bear Mountain Boulevard.  The City was incorporated December 21, 1960 and was named after a land owner’s son from Ohio named Arvin Richardson.

Quiet residential areas, clean streets, low crime rate, a first class fire station and a well kept City Hall all add to the City of Arvin’s appeal and livability.  In addition the City boasts a Department of Motor Vehicles office, a Veterans Hall for community gatherings, and a library which houses a wonderful collection of local art by artist Roberta Jean Owens.

Poised to expand and develop, the City of Arvin area is primarily an agricultural-based economy with a growing manufacturing presence.  Strong leadership in the community for water rights and water supply over the years has set the stage for the growth and vitality of the agricultural industry.  Just to the East of Arvin, the Arvin Edison Canal ends a fluid journey from the high Sierras mid-state to percolation ponds which continually recharge the underground aquifers.  Water is then pumped when it is needed for irrigation for the many crops.

Along the railroad tracks from the many packing houses, fresh fruits and vegetables are shipped world wide.  Well known names such as Grimmway carrots, Gold Ribbon potatoes, and in the “old days” Di Giorgio grapes, peaches, and plums were and are often seen in markets all across America.  And in the case of Grimmway Farms, it is the largest producer of carrots in the world.

Contact Information & Hours:

Arvin City Hall
200 Campus Drive
Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661.854.3134

Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 5:30pm
Every other Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Closed every other Friday and Holidays