Public Notices

The City of Arvin routinely posts Public Notices that reflect legal and formal matters that relate to the City.   Current and relevant Public Notices will be posted here as they are filed.


Public Hearing Notice – Planning Commission – Home Occupation Permit Code Amendment

Public Hearing Notice – Planning Commission – Oil and Gas Code Amendment

Public Hearing Notice – Pre-Application – Project Design Phase – Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Public Hearing Notice –  For Consideration of Amendment of the City’s Zoning Ordinance Pertaining to Commercial Medical and Recreational Cannabis Activities and Associated CEQA Determination

Public Hearing Notice – Pre-Application Hearings: Project Design Phase – Notice of Public Hearings/Community Meetings for Possible CDBG Applications

Public Hearing Notice – Pre-Application Hearings: CDBG (Spanish) – Audiencia Previa A La Solicitud: Fase Diseño De Proyecto Aviso de Audencia Pública/Reunión de la Comunidad Para Posibles Aplicaciones de CDBG

Public Hearing Notice – Pre Application CDBG – Application System Phase  

Audencia Previa a la Solicitud: Fase De Sistema De Aplicacion Aviso de Audiencias Publicas

Notice of Intent to Adopt An Ordinance – Amend AMC Related to Home Occupation Permit

Notice of Intent to Adopt An Ordinance – Oil and Gas Ordinance for Regulation of Petroleum Facilities and Operations 

Notice of Intent to Adopt An Ordinance Pertaining to Commercial Cannabis Activity

Public Hearing Notice -Taco Bell Site Plan Review 2017-330BMB and Conditions Amendments and Additions

Public Hearing Notice – AMC Amendment Chapter 17.70 Site Development Standards

Public Hearing Notice – AMC Code Amendments – Relating to the 2013-2023 Housing Element

If you have questions about Public Notices or would like additional information, please contact the City Clerk at City Hall.

Contact Information

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