Why Get A Permit?



This Office is Certified by the International Code Council

Permits are an added benefit for home owners who work hard to have a home. These homes are not only part of the community they add value to those communities and the families that make up the neighborhoods in those communities.

The Arvin Municipal Code, Arvin City Ordinance, the International Building Code:

A building permit is required for any construction which physically changes or adds structures to your property or for work regulated by local Codes or Ordinances, such as:

  1. New Buildings
  2. Additions-Room additions, patio covers, swimming pools, etc.
  3. Alterations-Re-roofs, garage conversions, exterior stucco, new
  4. Repairs-Replacement of water heaters or other plumbing fixtures, air conditioning units, new electrical service, and rewiring, etc.
  5. Moving or demolishing a building.
  6. Installation of heating equipment, such as stoves, wall heaters and fireplaces.
  7. Building or structures under 120 square feet measured eave to eave can be built without a permit.

It is important to note that if a structure 120 square feet is built it can be placed within the property as long as it does not encroach within the front yard setback 20ft. side yard 5ft. rear yard 10ft.