Did You Know?

All animals picked up by the Animal Control Officer are taken to the Kern County Animal Shelter.  You can reach the Kern County Animal Shelter at (661) 868-7100 or visit them at 3951 Fruitvale Avenue, Bakersfield. California 93308.

Animal Control

The Arvin Police Department began providing animal control services to the City of Arvin in 1961. The Arvin Police Department Animal Control Officer enforces the laws and regulations related to animals and their owners, in order to promote the humane treatment of animals and keep the citizens safe from dangerous or hazardous animals.

The Animal Control Officer responds to, and investigates, the public’s complaints related to animals (ie. dogs running at large, barking dogs, animal cruelty etc.) and may provide testimony in court proceedings.  Additionally, the animal Control Officer works to educate the public in the areas of animal welfare, animal safety and animal laws/regulations.

The Animal Control Officer also responds to, and investigates all animal bite complaints.  Most animal bite incidents require some type of isolation.  Animals that are unlicensed or lack their appropriate vaccinations are isolated at the Kern County Animal Shelter for 10 days. If the bite animal is licensed and properly vaccinated a home isolation is possible if no other pets reside on the premises.  Home isolations are for a period of 10 days and the animal control officer will check on the animal at least one time during the isolation period.  If the animal has bitten on a prior occasion, home isolations are not allowable.

Missing Animals:lost-dog-sign

The Arvin Police Department Animal Control Officer takes all animals to the Kern County Animal Shelter.  If you have lost your pet, you may contact the Arvin Animal Control Officer at (661) 854-5583 or contact the Kern County Animal Shelter at (661) 868-7100 or visit them at 3951 Fruitvale Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93308.

Dog Licensing:

Dog licenses can be purchased at the City Clerk’s Office located at Arvin City Hall, 200 Campus Drive, (661) 854-3134.

Click here for Dog Licensing Information and Fees.

Contact Information:

City of Arvin Dog Licensing – (661) 854-3134

Arvin Animal Control Officer – (661) 854-5583

Kern County Animal Shelter – (661) 868-7100
3951 Fruitvale Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93308