Neighborhood Watch

Did You Know?

Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group in your neighborhood has many benefits, including safer streets, meeting your local law enforcement, and learning what you can do to keep you and your loved ones informed and safe.

Ready to have an impact on crime in your neighborhood?  Learn how to start a Neighborhood Watch Group with the Arvin Police Department.  Here are a few of the benefits of participating in a Neighborhood Watch Group:

  • Neighborhood-Watch2Develop good attitudes and learn how to keep crime off your block
  • Keep informed and learn to network with neighbors and Block Captains
  • Maintain good communication – know your Block Captains and report crime to the police
  • Increase your powers of observation and become more “street smart”
  • Detect suspicious activities and know what to do when you see suspicious activity or subjects in your neighborhood
  • Get involved and stay involved.  It’s easy and it works!

By starting a Neighborhood Watch Group in your neighborhood you’ll increase your neighborhood’s safety, become more “street smart”, and get familiar with your local police officers.

Contact:   If you are interested in organizing a Neighborhood Watch Group in your neighborhood or for more information, contact: Maricela Maciel at the Arvin Police Department at 661-854-5583, email:

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