Medical Services

The City of Arvin provides for resident’s medical needs through several health care providers both in town and in the surrounding areas.  In addition, the Kern County Public Health Department (KCPHD)  is a key player in the health and well being of City residents.  More information about the KCPHD can be found at
Here are a few of the health care providers in the City of Arvin:

Arvin Community Health Center

Clinica Sierra Vista
1305 Bear Mountain Blvd.
Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661-854-3131
Fax: 661-854-2689

Arvin Medical Clinic

146 N Hill St.
Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661-855-4468

Arvin Family Dentistry

734 Bear Mountain Blvd.
Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661-854-4400