Officers Awarded Service Medals

During the April 5, 2016 City of Arvin City Council meeting, newly sworn in Chief of Police Jerry Breckinridge, had the honor of awarding service award medals of recognition to two officers. Officer Jeffery Packebush and Bret Barker were honored for their performance while responding to a domestic disturbance call back in December 2014.

Officer Barker was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and Officer Packebush the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart.

Chief Breckinridge provides Officer Barker Meritorious Service Medal.
Chief Breckinridge honors Officer Barker with Meritorious Service Medal.


Chief Breckinridge provides Medal of Valor and Purple Heart to Officer Packebush.
Chief Breckinridge honors Officer Packebush with Medal of Valor and Purple Heart.